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Eating clean, nourishing food during this time will be the gift that keeps on giving. Food is nature’s little miracle. You have just been through a lot growing and birthing a beautiful baby. Food and rest will play a major role in allowing you to fully embody your role as a mother. Eating foods that are easily digested, warming and supportive will leave you feeling lighter and calmer. All of the menus are plant based, organic and properly prepared according to macrobiotic and ayruvedic wisdom.


Cooking with love and wisdom

Korrin is a wife and mother of 4 children. When she is not snuggling her littles, she is in the kitchen cooking up the healthiest most nourishing food she can for family and friends. With each birth Korrin was blessed with a great grandmother and a mother in law that would swoop in and help with kids and the cooking. That love and support during such a tender time is crucial. After the birth of her 4th child, Bodhi, and the inspiration of her dear doula friend and partner Chelsea, she decided to take her love of all things mama, baby and food and put it to use supporting new mothers during their tender time. The dishes she creates are specific to the needs of postpartum mothers and mothers in their “4th trimester”  Korrin believes how smoothly you heal after birth is hugely affected by the foods you nourish yourself with. Her menus are designed to nurture your body and provide you with time spent with the newest member of your family. She is a graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute, Institute for Integrative Health and Lifeways of North America.


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